Matching Your Funky Socks with Your Outfit

01 Mar

Matching an outfit is no rocket science, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is easy.   There is so much going on around you, and you can never remember if you are supposed to match your cool funky socks to your shoes or if you want to wear them with your summer shorts. It is all so confusing, and it sometimes feels like you just can't get it right.  

Socks are a necessity as they keep your feet warm and dry and are a must if you are wearing sneakers, boots or any other closed shoe type.  You can choose to go for the solid black or white soc which is the most popular choices, but there is much that you can do with your socks. Wear a funky pair every once in a while and get to feel the difference.

Colorful socks can be an excellent ice-breaker and conversation starter, and they can add an extra touch to your outfit and help you make a self-statement.  Scientific research has shown that people who put on crazy socks are more popular, competent and successful.  In the corporate environment, people tend to trust people with colorful socks more as they are viewed as being more responsible and creative as they aren't afraid to stand out and think outside the box. You can go to this website to see a myriad of options.

Funky socks are a right way of letting your individuality shine.  With the many styles and patterns available, you can choose something that reflects who you are and what you are passionate about.  Here are some tips for matching your cool crazy socks with the rest of your outfit. A good example is this product.

Begin with Safe Choices
If you are new to colorful socks, diving right to bold colors might be a bit scary.  If you have never worn eye-catching socks, take your time.  Start with darker, muted colors like purple, burgundy, navy, dark grey with simple patterns like stripes or dots.  It will give you an interesting twist to your outfit without getting in your way.

Mix the Socks
With an increase in the stock subscriptions and labels, you now have more wild choices than ever.  Build your collection with a few different types of socks so that you have a pair for every outfit and occasion.  Neutral socks may not be quite interesting but are suitable for professional and formal events.  Bright and solid-colored socks are more fun to wear with suits as they provide a funky touch to an otherwise serious outfit. Socks with unusual patterns like carrots, mustaches, and anything else crazier should be put on during parties and casual events. They will get you more noticed.

Create Contrast
If your socks are cool you want them to stand out, try using contrasting colors. This is not a look for everyone, but it is easier to do contrasting ensembles than finding complementing colors that are similar to each other.  For example, yellow and orange socks are a great choice for blue jeans. You can also try yellow and purple high-contrast combination or red with green or blue. Here are some nice examples of colorful and crazy socks:

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